RF / uw Design Through 3D EM Simulation

The Solution


Either your company’s engineering team has only part time demand for RF/microwave design using 3D EM simulation, or your company has existing personnel for simulation design, but would benefit from part time engineering support during periods of high demand, Optimal Designs is your long term solution.

When working with Optimal Designs, you invest only in design services "as you need them," avoiding the annual costs in simulation software, numerical machines, additional personnel, and continued professional training. In addition, you will have a business relationship of attrition, that is, our ability to work together over the years will be not affected by changes in the market or changes in your personnel.

I am the principal engineer and founder of Optimal Designs, and I am an RF/microwave simulation design expert, with broad design experience including, but not limited to, antennas, filters, signal integrity and various other RF/microwave designs such as heating chambers, electrical motors, and wireless power links.

I conduct my RF/microwave designs using a state of the art 3D EM simulation tool, CST Microwave Studio, with over two decades of design and simulation experience.  I also work with an array of other engineers, scientists, and consultants, as well as close manufacturer and hardware partnership to provide a turn key solution to my clients. 

I look forward to working with you.

Jim Reed